Board of Directors

Board of Directors

EPAN is pleased to announce the appointment of its full Board of Directors in May 2024. With this new leadership team, we are set to propel the organization forward, promoting a more inclusive and impactful presence in the aviation industry.

If you wish to volunteer in some capacity, be sure to learn more!

Antonio Alhama



Finn Danielsson


Vice President

Lorenzo Gatti



Jan Almeida


Member support

Nishant Chaudhary


Development | HIV advocate

Matthias Reinacher


Networking and External partnerships

Daniel Rüdel


Programmatic and fundamental topics

Alex Olivetti


Marketing and Communications

Bernd Römmelt



My name is Zac – and I‘m excited to be the president of EPAN. I am a pilot for a cargo airline, based in Leipzig, Germany. I grew up in the US before moving to Europe at the age of 18. Besides EPAN, I am involved in various other diversity in aviation projects/organisations, for example Diversity Representative at my airline or member of the Diversity & Social working group at our pilot’s association Vereinigung Cockpit.

My job at EPAN is to keep things going. As the head of the executive board, I lead the agenda and make sure all board members and volunteers get all the resources they need to work for our cause. You can contact me about anything that EPAN can help you with, my team and I will always be there for you. I love to network and connect!

Zac Brown

Co-Founder, President

Hi, my name is Daniel and I am the Vice President and Pressspeaker for EPAN. I am a First Officer for a German regional Airline, based in Munich. Next to flying and promoting diversity in our industry, I like to go snowboarding in the alps and bouldering with friends. I’m an animal lover and a politics nerd. 

At EPAN, my job is to stay in contact with the press and support Zac in his role as the head of our organization as much as possible. I am the organizational lead of our mentorship and well-being program. My job is to have a good overview and improve all our communication, whether it be within the organization or external parties. Don’t hesitate to contact me!

Daniel Rüdel

Co-Founder, Vice President, Pressspeaker

My name is Bernd. As a passionate aviation enthusiast and queer person I am proud to be a part of EPAN! As the treasurer, my main focus is on handling the financial aspects of the non-profit organization.

Aside from this, I‘m a First Officer for a German Airline, based in Munich. Whether I am skiing, playing in an orchestra, or spending time with friends, I always find ways to stay connected to the world of aviation.

As a dedicated member of EPAN, I am committed to helping our organization achieve its goals and making a positive impact on the aviation community. I am excited to continue working with the whole and making new connections in the years to come.

Bernd Römmelt

Co-Founder, Treasurer