Members make a community. Our community is the heart of our organisation and is the safe space where you can be your authentic self with a group of like-minded people with a common interest in aviation.


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We are proud to announce the launch of the EPAN Aeromedical Committee.

Learn more today on the committee’s subpage.


EPAN builds a community. Our community is home for all LGBTQIA+ people in the aviation community, as well as those who wish to show support, such as allies.


Members have access to various resources, including professional mentoring, resilience development, community events and industry discounts.


We bring together members of the LGBTQIA+ aviation community from across Europe and beyond, fostering a sense of safe space, community and belonging. 

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The Entire LGBTQIA+ Aviation Community

We are a home for LGBTQIA+ people with a love for aviation; we are a vehicle that connects those with shared passions. We invite you to join our family and connect with people from many different backgrounds, all of whom have found a shared home at EPAN.

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We keep everyone in the loop in various ways, one of those is through our publication AIRMAIL. Our newsletter lands in your inbox on a monthly basis and contains interesting information about what’s going on within our organisation.

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Around Europe and Beyond

As the international partner organisation of the NGPA, we commit to helping fulfil our common mission and goal of a worldwide community. European Pride in Aviation Network is actively growing throughout Europe and areas close to Europe. You may also join EPAN even if you do not work or live in Europe.



As a non-profit organisation, we rely heavily on financial support from individuals as well as corporations. Consider supporting us in our mission by making a donation or reaching out to inquire about other ways you or your organisation can support us.

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Stay updated on the latest happenings and events by visiting our events section on the homepage. Discover upcoming gatherings and activities, and never miss a beat.

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Stay informed about what’s happening at EPAN and what we are doing within our community and the industry.


General Assembly 2024

Dear Members, We are pleased to invite you to the upcoming General Assembly of the European Pride in Aviation Network (EPAN) e.V. This assembly is

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Partners, Sponsors & Supporters

Join us in our mission to promote diversity and inclusion in aviation by becoming a partner, supporter, or friend of EPAN. Discover the impact of your support and learn about the companies and organisations that share our vision.

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