Safe Space

Code of Conduct & Safe Space Declaration

By being a part of EPAN you recognise and agree to the following code of conduct and safe space declaration.

  1. Respect the diversity and individuality of all EPAN members.
  2. Refrain from using derogatory or discriminatory language or behavior towards any member of the community.
  3. Do not share or promote any content that is hateful or violent towards any group or individual.
  4. Respect the privacy of others and do not share personal information without their consent.
  5. Do not engage in any form of harassment or bullying, whether it be online or in person.

This community is a safe space for members of the LGBTQ aviation community to connect, share, and support one another. We will not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment, or hate speech. We strive to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of the LGBTQ community, regardless of their background, experiences, or beliefs. By participating in this community, you agree to abide by the Code of Conduct and help us maintain a safe and respectful space for all.

Have you experienced something and wish to seek help?

Stand up against discrimination and reach out for support. If you or someone you know has experienced discrimination within our LGBTQ aviation community, please do not hesitate to contact our ombudsperson for assistance. Together, we can create a safe and inclusive environment for all. Click here to contact our ombudsperson and make your voice heard