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About the Committee

One of the various resources provided by EPAN to its members and the community is the Aeromedical Committee.
The Aeromedical Committee consists of EPAN members and volunteers and serves to be a go-to resource in the case of questions related to aeromedical topics, more specifically those relating to LGBTQIA+ topics.

The Aeromedical Committee encompasses the following committees, which work all closely together:
- Transgender & Non-Binary Committee
- EPAN Cares (mental health/well-being)

Continue reading for more information regarding these specific topics.

What is the focus?

LGBTQIA+ Aeromedical topics are widespread.
They include, but are not limited to:
- LGBTQIA+ friendly aeromedical examiners
- HIV guidance and advocacy
- transgender support as well as topics related to
- mental health/well-being.

The aeromedical committee is charged with monitoring and accompanying relevant changes within the legal framework on a European level, ultimately providing necessary change to support the LGBTQIA+ aviation community. Furthermore, the committee informs and provides support for members facing difficulties or requiring assistance.

What are the challenges?

LGBTQIA+ people in the aviation industry, whether professional or hobby, face different issues and hurdles. Many of these aeromedical topics (and in general) face a large stigmatization in society. Further challenges are present due to the fact that, despite the European Union, each country in Europe deals with these topics separately.

Committee Members

If you are interested in joining the committee, we invite you to sign up as a volunteer.

Nishant C.
Aviation Consultant, HIV Advocate
Sven D.
Airline Pilot,
HIV Advocate
Matthias R.
IT Professional,
GA Pilot,
HIV Advocate
James B.
Airline PIlot,
HIV Advocate
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European Aeromedical Reform Project

EPAN's Aeromedical Committee is currently developing a campaign to reform the European aeromedical regulations concerning individuals living with HIV or transgender individuals.

This is a developing campaign. We invite anyone interested to reach out to learn more. Sign up for this mailing list today.

The Issue

European aeromedical regulations are outdated and not amended to reflect modern-day medical and science advancements.

Barriers individuals face exclude them from pilot training and therefore from pursuing a career in professional aviation.


Currently, individuals living with HIV in Europe are not eligible to obtain their initial Class I medical under EASA. Transgender individuals equally face difficulties obtaining their medical.

The Goal

The goal of EPAN's European Aeromedical Reform Project is to remove aeromedical barriers for transgender individuals and individuals living with HIV.

We invite anyone interested to reach out to learn more about this campaign. Sign up today – confidentiality guaranteed. (Name is optional)

How can you

Support us

There are endless ways to support EPAN and our Aeromedical Committee, for example:

Support the Aeromedical Committee

Your contribution will go directly to our Aeromedical fund, allowing us to continue advocating for change across the European aviation industry.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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How does the committee support?

The EPAN Aeromedical Committee is available for confidential questions, guidance and counseling. Here are some ways we support members:

Transgender Guidance

Our Transgender/Non-Binary Committee is able to provide support for you if you are considering or have already begun your transition journey.

HIV Guidance

We are able to provide you guidance related to aeromedical/licensing topics in Europe (EASA and UK CAA).

Mental Health/Well-Being

Mental Health and Well-Being is a crucial aspect in aviation and aeromedical. We have launched EPAN Cares as a point of contact.

Examiner Database

We are collecting and creating a database of LGBTQIA+ friendly aeromedical examiners (AME) for consultation upon request.

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Personal Story

Originally refused a pilot’s medical in 2014, James Bushe campaigned for reform, becoming the first individual living with HIV to receive an initial Class I medical certificate with no limitations.

James continues his HIV advocacy and supports EPAN as a committee member.

Watch a BBC interview with James and read his story in an article published by NGPA in 2021, written by Chris Buckley.

HIV in the news

Check out some of the recent news and updates on HIV in the European aviation industry. 

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The HIV test for cabin employment at Lufthansa is history

12 April 2023

You can have wings
with HIV

Join EPAN today

Joining EPAN as a member shows your support and helps us achieve our goals as a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting the LGBTQIA+ aviation community.

We thank you for your support!

in the news

Check out some of the recent news and updates on Transgender/Non-Binary in the European aviation industry. 

For further assistance with Transgender/Non-Binary related topics, you may also contact

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16 October 2023

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Commonly asked Aeromedical questions

This section has just launched. Keep your eyes open for updates as we expand our collection of frequently asked questions.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact for any questions.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact

For Transgender/Non-Binary topics:
For Mental Health/Well-Being topics: