You're invited!

We invite you as part of our worldwide aviation community to join us for the largest Pride event of the year –

EuroPride in Valletta, Malta in September 2023!

We are thrilled to extend an open invitation to all participants for EuroPride Malta 2023, a multi-day extravaganza dedicated to celebrating the rich tapestry of LGBTQ+ identities and advocating for equality. Get ready to immerse yourself in a vibrant, inclusive, and unforgettable experience like no other!

EuroPride Malta 2023 is set to be a remarkable journey filled with captivating events, thought-provoking discussions, captivating performances, and inspiring art exhibitions.

Whether you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community or an ally, EuroPride Malta 2023 welcomes you with open arms. This event is an incredible opportunity to connect, learn, and celebrate the progress made towards equality while acknowledging the work that lies ahead.

From the vibrant and inclusive Pride parade to captivating concerts, engaging workshops, insightful panels, energetic parties, dazzling art exhibitions, and fabulous drag shows, there is something for everyone to enjoy and celebrate their unique identities.

European Pride in Aviation Network
is excited to unite the entire LGBTQIA+ aviation community from around the world and celebrate this exciting event with you. ALL are welcome!

Spread the word!
We encourage you to spread the word, invite your friends and colleagues, and join us as we make history together in Malta! Together, we can create a world that celebrates love, diversity, and equality, and have a darn good time while doing so!

Save the date!
We all know how difficult it can be to manage your work and private schedules – so be sure to save the date and plan accordingly! Important dates to save are 15-17 September. See below for more details on each day’s activities.

What costs can you expect?
We are working together with various companies and organisations who share our mission and values to make this event a great one – and an affordable one.

How can you sign up?
If you are interested in joining, even if you can’t confirm yet, we ask you to fill out the pre-registration form found below. This will help us plan accordingly and add your contact to our list to keep you updated as our planning firms up!

What can you expect?

Why come along?


Catch up with old friends and make new ones! Join a community of like-minded aviation professionals and enthusiasts from all around Europe in a space where you can be yourself!


Join the EuroPride parade and march with us through the streets of Valletta, demonstrating our pride and raising awareness, while having a good time! We are planning a foot group and a parade float truck.


EPAN events are also all about having a good time - spend time with old and new friends. We are planning a welcome meet & greet reception with food, drinks and entertainment!

What's the plan?

September 15


Meet & Greet
Food, Drinks, Entertainment

*time and location announced soon

September 16

Pride Parade through the streets of Valletta.

Christina Aguilera concert*
Night out in Valletta

*free tickets available soon

September 17

Go-Home Day

How do I sign up?